June 28, 2015

Music: BET Awards 2015 African Artist Nominatons

A few years ago, the BET Awards added the Award category 'Best International Act: Africa.' Since it's inception, they have awarded a number of top African African international Artists with he award such as Nigerian Artist 2 Face and Ghanaian Artist Sarkodie. However, at the same time this particular award has been met with a lot of controversy and disappointment each year. 

Many African Artists and African music lovers each year have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the BET Awards continues to snub the African artists nominated in the category each year by at times award two artists in a tie and also repeatedly handing out this award backstage as opposed to presenting it onstage during the live broadcast of the show. And with this, there is each year the hope and call by many for it to be televised at the next award show.

The BET Awards are goin' down tonight, so let see what happened this year...

Check out the videos of this years nominees...

Ghanaian Artist Stonebwoy Won! Congrats to him and all of BIM Nation!

...P.S. It was not televised :( ....Maybe next year??