February 4, 2019

MEN'S FASHION: Diggy Simmons & Michael Jai White Ghanaian Royal Style

Diggy Simmons & Michael Jai White recently visited Ghana during the Christmas/New Years holidays among a group of black Hollywood celebrities visiting as part of the Full Circle Festival hosted by Boris Kodjoe and Bozoma Saint John. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the celebs while I was in town. It was lovely to see how they all immersed themselves into learning about Ghanaian culture and connecting to their roots...

Diggy Simmons in particular seems like he was loving every bit of the Ghana vibes. Here is a look of him draped in traditional Ghanaian Kente. He is definitely giving me Ghanaian royal vibes, looks so effortless and natural on him.

Another actor that really connected and immersed himself into the culture was Michael Jai White. So much so that he was enstooled a king the Akwamu community in Ghana with the royal title Nana Akoto lll, Odopon. Here is a look of him draped in traditional cloth during his enstoolment ceremony.

Which royal look are you feeling the most?