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~A Bit About Miss G~
I'm a professional based in Toronto, Canada. I love trying new things and sharing things I am passionate about, so I thought why not start a blog and join the ever exciting Blogosphere! 
I am passionate about promoting and sharing the beauty of the African continent, its people, culture and diaspora. As the Queen of Enjoyment aka Minister of Enjoyment (according to my friends lol), I love to share all the fun and exciting experiences I have while traveling within the African continent, as well as in Black spaces throughout the diaspora.

I've always had a love for African fashion, Afrobeats music, food and entertainment, however, I never quite found one source that sufficiently covered all of these topics. Therefore, I developed the Afrofusion Spot to do just that, as well as also share my point of view and experiences. 

I'm so excited to share my content with you! I also love interacting with you all, so please make sure to like, share and comments. 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the AfroFusion experience! :)