July 4, 2016

Style Guide: How to Tie Chic Head Wrap Styles

Wrap it up in style!

Head wraps are definitely becoming more and more popular and I love it! All over social media, we see women rocking fabulous colourful head wraps styles. Gone are the days where one wrapped their hair in order to deal with a bad hair day. Head wraps have become a very trendy and fashionalable items to add to any outfit. African print head wraps in particular seem to be leading the pack when it come to this trend.

Now, ever see a cute headwrap style and wonder 'How did she do that???'. Well, look no further!

I recently came across this great headwrap tutorial video on Youtube by Naptural85. In this video she share 10 chic ways to tie a headwrap. In addition, I found 20 great head wrap photo tutorials on Pintrest that I've put together to share with y'all as well.

Check them out...

 My head wrap look:

This is my go-to head wrap style that I do, the front high bun. I love its versatility in that I can wear it with my hair fully covered as well as with my hair out, and still look cute in both versions. I decided to rock this head wrap during my recent trip to Miami to add an Afrocentric touch to my beach look.

20 Head Wrap photo tutorials:

They make it look so easy! Which style do you like the best?

Hope this has helped y'all learn how to wrap a style that you have been wanting to learn to dp. I'm definite going to try to do each of these styles. Now just have to decide which one I should try first?...

Happy wrapping y'all! :)

Source: Youtube; Pintrest; Turbante