April 6, 2024

MISS G: Here We Go Again :)

In the words of Muni Long... 'Twin, where have you been?'. I've missed y'all so much! I know this is the fifty eleventh time I'm saying this, but I'm back!! And for real this time, so please ooo abeg no vex lol. :)

Ya girl has been busy living life, gallivanting and doing small small enjoyment. However, through it all I've been wanting to get back into revamping The Afrofusion Spot platform, creating content and holding event again. So, I'm super excited to re-connect with you all and share great African fashion, food, travel and lifestyle content with y'all! Also, definitely look out for the return of some of your favourite Afrofusion Spot events, along with some fun new ones!

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Afrofusion Experience!