June 28, 2015

Hairstyles: *New Look* Short Curls

I'm loovviinnn' this hair right now!

So, curly hair is definitely my regular look as I find it it much easier to manage and provides less work for me do when getting ready to head out. For the most part, I like to wear my hair at shoulder to mid back length, however, I've been wanting to switch it up a bit and try a shorter look for a long time. I originally wanted to do a short Rihanna type straight bob, but looked like it would be very difficult to cut and shape the hairstyle properly. I do my hair myself, therefore whenever I want to try something new I try to find a Youtube tutorial on the look. A lot of the Youtube tutorials I watched to create a short bob included the need for specific tools like a barbering razer and tiny curling irons that I do not have. So, I decided I would hold off in trying that look and start with trying a shorter curly hair look instead, and voila!

I'm really loving it so far, and have been getting a lot of positive feedback from friends.I also find that wearing this look with a hat adds and nice cute touch.

Check out my full look...