February 9, 2018

Music: 5 Favourite Songs by Ghanaian Musician Ebony Reigns

Today is a sad day for the Ghanaian music industry with the sudden and tragic passing of rising female musical talent Ebony Reigns. I am still in shock.

While I was in Ghana over the holidays, there was no where you could go in town or an event you would attend without hearing Ebony's music. This caused me to quickly come to realize that she was the hottest artist in Ghana right now, and I loved seeing such a vibrant, unapologetic female artist dominating the industry. Her lastest song 'Hustle' was literally played everywhere. While I was in town, I was also lucky enough to see her perform live at the Afrochella festival I attended where she was the headlining act.

Though her music career was short lived, 2017 was definitely the year of Ebony as she was able to produce multiple major hits that had Ghana on fire. So, in celebration of the wonderful music Ebony shared with Ghanaian's and the world, I will be sharing my 5 favourite songs by her.

Check out my top 5 songs by Ghanaian musician Ebony...






R.I.P. Ebony.

Your music will definitely live on.