October 30, 2015

Real Talk: Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Partner's Name?

 Ok...so real talk...

Why do people do this?? Whhhyyy??? No, seriously why?

I just don't understand it. I don't think I would ever do this, even if it was the name of my husband. Currently trending is Black Chyna supposedly tattooing her current supposed boo Rapper Future's name on her hand. Consequently, many have been expressing their opinion on this idea of tattooing a partners name on them...

I for one do not see it as a good idea to tattoo your girlfriend or boyfriends name on you, this also goes for tattooing your husband or wife's name. This is for the simple fact that these types of relationships and even marriages do not always last forever. So in the event that you are no longer together with this person, you are forever left with a permanent mark representing that failed relationship.

I know of a person who tattooed her boyfriend's name on her lower back. This was not a small tattoo either, it was huge! Of course, at some point they broke up and she realized her big mistake in getting his name tattooed on her. Ultimately, she had to resort to getting the tattoo drawn over with an even larger tattoo to hide it.

This sentiment also applies to couples getting matching tattoos. Even if you are not explicitly writing your partners name, that tattoo still represents your relationship. Therefore, again, if the relationship ends, you are still marked with this reminder.

I also, know of a person who got a matching tattoo with her then boyfriend. Having broken up many years ago and currently in a serious relationship, she has for a long time wanted to remove this constant reminder of her old boyfriend. Now, she will have to embark on the painstaking process of getting the tattoo removed, which definitely ain't cheap y'all!

I say avoid tattooing any name on you altogether. Although, I think the only names that would be ok to tattoo are those of your kids, your parents or your siblings. At least in this case they are forever going to be in that relation to you...well unless you disown or get disowned LOL. Well, I'm just keeping it real!

...so real talk, what are your thoughts?