February 10, 2018

Real Talk: What Would You Do If You Caught Your Partner Cheating?

Ok so Real Talk...What would you do if you caught your partner cheating?

This right here is a a very juicy topic. Therefore, it was only right that I invited my girl Miss iToraa to join me in the spot to have this discussion. It sure got extra real! In this latest podcast, we cover all areas and scenarios of cheating that may occur in ones relationship. iToraa also shares some wild stories of her experiences with a cheating partner.

Click PLAY and check it out!


Thanks iToraa for joining me in the spot! Looking forward to having you join me in the spot again for some more Real Talk. Miss iToraa also has her own podast called 'Between Sisters Podcast' so definitely check out her podcast as well HERE.

So Real Talk, what would you do?

Comment below and share your thoughts! :)