April 12, 2016

Music: 'One Dance' by Drake Ft. Wizkid & Kyla

Another BIG mainstream collaboration with an African artist; and again this time it involves Drake and Nigerian artist Wizkid.

As the first single off his upcoming new album "Views From the 6' Drake just released the track 'One Dance featuring Wizkid and Kyla. This is huge for African music! I mean really HUGE!!! As you may know, Drake was introduced to Wizkid's hit song 'Ojuelegba' and loved its vibe so much that he did made a remix of it. This alone was a major move for African and Afrobeat music into the mainstream music scene it itself. I guess Drakes dabble into Afrobeat music did not end there... 

Within 'One Dance', in addition to having Wizkid on the track, Drake clearly utilizes Afrobeats in the instrumental of the song. It is evident that he invited Wizkid onto this track so that he could help him achieve this Afrobeat influenced sound for his song. This is also a great achievement for Afrobeat music as mainstream artists are recognizing and appreciating Afrobeat music more and increasingly try to incorporate it into their own music. In addition, this is a nice divergence from the usual act of African musician paying exorbitant fees to North American mainstream artists just to feature them on their songs. In this case, Drake welcomed Wizkid onto the track and if anything, Wizkid will probably be making money from this feature.

Since its release on Apple Music, it has been making big waves everywhere! This will definitely be this hit for the summer. Big ups to Afrobeat and African musician continuing to make big moves in the international music scene!

Check out the song HERE. You can also download it on iTunes HERE.

*Currently doing my one dance* LOL :)