April 12, 2016

Happy New Month! April Orange Feature of the Month

Happy April Everyone!

We haven't reached the middle of the month yet, so it's still somewhat new lol.

April is here, so we are officially in Spring, however the current Toronto weather got us feeling like it's still winter. It'll be warm one day, then freezing cold, then it rains and then cold again. Can you believe it has been SNOWING too!! I don't know what is going on but this weather is so bi-polar lol. When will the warm weather return???

Ok, enough of my weather rant and back to whats important, the orange feature on the month :)

So, the orange feature this month is this cute African Kora guitar, which is mainly used in West Africa. Knowing of my love of collecting African instruments, My Dad brought this for me from his recent vacation in Ghana. Yes, I know it looks more red than orange, but it's the lighting. There is actually a slight hint of orange in it...or maybe this bi-polar April weather has got me confused also. In any case, its a lovely addition to my collection. I actually think I have enough now to start a band lol. Who wants to join!?