April 15, 2016

Real Talk: Is Travelling More Fun When You Are Single?

Ok, so real talk...

Is traveling more fun when you are single?

I say, YES!

As you may already know by now, I love to travel. I want to see the world and am always excited to embark on a new adventure in a new country or city.

With all my travels, aside from usual question of "how many vacation days do you get from work," I've also gotten this question a few times: "What does your boyfriend think about all your traveling?" Huh??? Boyfriend? Biiiissshhh where???...

So having a boyfriend would mean I can't travel...really tho? HA!

However, I believe traveling while in a relationship may hinder the fun level of ones trip as you may have limitations and your partners opinions to consider. Therefore, I find traveling when one is single much more enjoyable. You don't have to think about anyone one, you don't have to answer to anyone asking you questions about your trip, and you are free to do whatever you want as well as meet new people without restrictions.

Meeting new people, especially other groups of people also on vacation, enhances the fun of a trip as you interact with interesting people and interesting characters. You also definitely get more jokes and memorable moments from hanging out with the people you meet. This all adds to the vacation experience and leaves more lasting fun memories. When you are single, you are free to interact and hang out with the new people you meet during your trip, however, this is more difficult when you are in a relationship.

When in a relationship you must have a limit to these interactions, especially if it involves the opposite sex, out of respect for your partner. Therefore, in order to avoid any issues with your partner you may have to be more cautious about your friendly interactions with new people. While on vacation, a lot of times one gets attention from the opposite sex, however, this does not mean that everyone entertains these advances. Seriously, not everyone does that. If your partner trusts you, then they shouldn't worry about people you may meet while on vacation, however the reality is not everyone has such trusting partners. Furthermore, another possible issue is even if you are traveling just to sight see or visit friends, some people may have partners that will still have a problem with you traveling without them or how frequently you travel.

Seriously, what,s the big deal?? Geeerrrraaarrraaaa heerreee!! LOL!

The only time I believe traveling while in a relationship may be fun is when you are traveling with your partner, or if you are on a couples trip where the whole group is coupled up.

Ultimately, what makes trips fun for me is hanging with friends, exploring the city and meeting new fun interesting people. If being in a relationship will hinder my ability to do that, I'd rather stay single for now and enjoy my travels lol! Well, I'm just keeping it real.

...So real talk, what are your thoughts?