July 7, 2015

Music Feature: 'Classic Man' by Jidenna Ft. Roman GianArthur

This is my jam right now! For the last week or so it's been on auto-repeat on my ipod. I just love the unique vibe of this song. Jidenna is definitely bringing something new and fresh to the hip hop game while carving out a new niche with his lyrical rap and his classic man swagg. This video and his style reminds me a lot of the Congolese 'Sapeur' elegant men sub-culture. 

And...he be Naija boy too ohh lol. Did y'all spot the African ankara print on the collar of his white blazer and also his ankara shirt? I just love it, great to see him reppin' African culture!

And also shout out to my girl Sade @lovefola who was in the music video looking fab!

Check it out!