July 6, 2015

Travel Diary: Celebrating Canada Day in the USA

It's cool to be Canadian
This past week included both Canada Day and 4th of July independence holidays. This year, I celebrated both holidays during my trip to New York City. 

On July 1st for Canada day, I rocked a shirt to rep the coolness of Canadians as I venture around downtown Brooklyn. As I gallivanted around town, I tried to spread the joy and celebration of Canada Day to the Americans I encountered, however my "Happy Canada Day" greetings were unfortunately met with "What is Canada Day" LOL! 

Not that surprised. The title 'Canada Day' in itself is not that self explanatory of being Canada's independence day. My shirt did catch a few people attention who would then express how nice they thought Canadians were and how clean they he heard Canada was. All in all, I found my first Canada in the USA to be an fun one...well fun due to spending the whole day getting some much needed retail therapy. How better to spend Canada Day than to take advantage of all the 4th of July holiday sales!! :)
'merica stars and stripes!
 On the other hand, my July 4th holiday was spent enjoying random firework shows in the neighborhood I was staying in in Brooklyn, and ending off the night of celebrations at a 4th of July party.

I definitely enjoyed myself celebrating both holidays in New York, and hope y'all enjoyed your Canada Day and 4th of July celebrations as well, eh! ;)