July 17, 2015

Food Review: The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles

I love me some Dirty Bird!

When I tell you this is the best Chicken & Waffles I've ever had...I mean this is the BEST Chicken & Waffles I've ever had!

Now, I've tried chicken and waffles at a few places within the city and have also eaten it during my time down south in Atlanta, however The Dirty Bird is by far the best. Just writing about this makes me want to go there now and enjoy all their deliciousness LOL.

Dirty Bird is a fairly new spot that opened just a few months ago in the ever hip and vibrant Kensington Market by a young entrepreneur. I had been hearing about this place a lot recently and have been planning to check it out for a while. So, I decided to call up my bro and told him to come along with me to check out The Dirty Bird. Of course he was down to go (because it involved food lol), so off we went....

As we approached I thought oh, this place looks cute, but is really small. I had heard that it is usually packed with super long lineups, however, we luckily got there at a time where there wasn't a huge line, so we were able to place our order quickly. As usual, I took really long to decide what I wanted since I had to make sure to browse the whole menu and consider all the options. Then menu prices are pretty decent, so that was great. Finally, I decided to order 'The Up North Trip' and my bro ordered 'The ODB' both with sides of ‘Tato' salad.

The seating in the space are bar height tables with stools and table ledges along the walls. So we grabbed a seat at a table and I sipped on my orange Fanta while waited for our names to be called once our food was done. After about 10 minutes, which is not too long of a wait, our food was ready and we were ready to dig in. 

The Up North Trip $14
The ODB $15
Each meal comes plated on a metal tray, which adds a creative element to its presentation. I really like this use of unconventional plating. Also, portion size of the food was pretty large, which we were both pleased to see. My 'Up North Trip' came with 3 pieces of bone-in chicken, a buttered maple waffle with a side of ‘Tato' salad. My bro's 'ODB' came with a boneless thigh & leg, a buttered maple waffle, topped with Dirty sauce and also with a side of ‘Tato' salad. We started to dig into our food, and it was like heaven in your mouth. Their chicken and waffles is packed with so much great flavours, it was just so good! The chicken had a nice crispiness on the outside while being very tender and juicy on the inside. Just an all around perfectly fried chicken. The maple buttered waffle was equally flavourful, with a nice light fluffy texture. To top it off, the side of 'Tato' salad was equally delicious and the Dirty sauce added a nice touch in enhancing the flavour of the chicken.

The Dirty Bird'Ger $7
The Dirty Bird also offers a cool version of a burger with their 'Dirty Bird'Ger' which is made up of ½ waffle, boneless chicken thigh, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, Dirty sauce and maple aioli.

Thanks Dirty Bird!
All in all great food, great prices, great service, just all around greatness! Their version on Northern Fried Chicken can definitely challenge traditional Southern Fried Chicken any day. I only wish the space was larger. However, the place is already a big hit and a hot spot for food in the city, so I'm sure their success and popularity will continue to grow...maybe into a larger space or even into a franchise. It's also great to see young entrepreneurs building successful businesses.

I will absolutely be back and you should definitely check it out too!

Until next time Dirty Bird...umm...I think I'll actually go tomorrow :)