July 16, 2015

Home Decor: Art Deco Pendant Ceiling Lamps


Ceiling light fixtures are very important when designing a space. However, It is many a times the forgotten element  that most do not pay much attention to. Most are likely to leave them as is when moving into a new place or get a basic flush mount light fixture...sooo boring!

The right ceiling light can add a whole new dimension to complete look of your space. Therefore, having a ceiling light fixture with a bit more design to it, such as a chandelier or a pendant lamp, adds a nice touch to any rooms interior design.

Come into the light and see more....

I personally love pendant ceiling lighting. So, when I was moving into my condo, I knew I wanted to find cool Art Deco style pendant lamp to complete the clean modern look I was going for in my interior design of my living room and would work well with my colour scheme. I looked in many stores, and found it difficult to find the right light. It seemed most places mostly had chandelier style lights, which was definitely not the look I was going for. 


Low and behold, I entered IKEA and I saw the light! I found the perfect pendant light fixture that embodied an Art Deco style and worked perfectly with my colour schemes...and it had elements of orange y'all!! :) I was so happy, I was jumping for joy LOL. Aside from the look and color of it, I loved that it had the added interesting feature of being able to open and close, essentially acting as a light dimmer. This cool feature further enhances the look I would achieve with this light fixture in my living room. So, I hurriedly purchased it. Of course, with it being from IKEA, y'all know I had to do some assembling. It was very quick and easy to assemble, I was done in no time. Then I contacted an electrician to install it into the ceiling and voila! My living room looked perfect! I absolutely love this light and I always get compliments on it when people come to my place.

PS 2014 Pendant Lamp $69.99
PS 2014 Pendant Lamg $69.99

IKEA has a great selection of Art Deco style pendant ceiling lights, therefore if you are looking to achieve that sort of look in your space, IKEA is definitely the spot to go.

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