June 14, 2015

Travel Diaries: My London England Style Profile

My casual chic daytime look paired with wayfarer glasses and animal print accent pieces
 Shirt: Old Navy / Tights: Winners / Bag & Belt: Aldo / Scarf: H&M
I love traveling and have travelled A LOT the last couple of years. One of my favourite places that I visited was London England. I'd been there briefly before (well actually just the airport for a connection flight lol) but I've always wanted to actually go and do a proper visit to London but didn't know anyone there. Well, that changed once one of my friend moved to London to do her Masters, yaaayyy for me haha!

London is such a great city! I am so in love with their fashion, and London men dress so well even when just out casually which is impressive. While there I to put a bit of London Fashion flavour in some of my outfits. I had such a great time while there, had some funny adventures, met some cool people and definitely shopped A LOT on Oxford Street! I could definitely see myself living in London, oh how I wish.

Stay tuned for the next part of my London Travel diary, but in the mean time check out some of the looks I rocked while in London...

Look upon arrival in London, neutral attire with pop of coloured accessories.
Dress: Dorothy Perkins / Jacket: H&M / Boots: The Bay / Necklace: Winners / Belt: Ardene / Watch: TKO
Out and about in London Town causual look
Skirt: Winners
Their telephone booths looks cute but boy do they smell inside :(
Well hello there soldier :)
Night out rocking a bright colours with my blazer and accessiries
Blazer: Host Ed's / Top: Winners / Tights: Forever 21 / Accessories: Ardene / Watch: DKNY
Night out continuing the bright color look, this time with striped a multi-coloured skirt
Top: Urban Behavior / Skirt: Winners / Shoes: Aldo / Accessories: Ardene / Watch: TKO