June 14, 2015

Music Feature: British Rapper Lady Leshurr's 'Queen's Speech'

This girl is fiyaahhhhh!!! She may look small and young but she packs a big punch with her killer flow. She's got bars and punch lines for days, has a sick flow and got the ultimate swagg in her delivery, all back by sick banging beats.
I recently discovered her as she has been trending on social media. When I checked out her 'Queens Speech' tracks, It was so good I replayed it the whole day, especial Queens Speech Pt. 3 which is my fav!

She is definitely raw talent that will be a nice fresh and new addition to the rap game, and British accent adds a nice touch to her flow. With the attention she is getting and her videos going viral, she looks like she's definitely on her way to blow up!

Let me stop writing now so I can rock to these tunes lol, y'all just press play and check out the videos...

Continue for Queens Speach Pt. 2 & Pt. 3

She said 'bare girls change their friends everyday, but forget to change their panties, thats nasty, change ur panities!' LMAO!!!! Real talk, that's definitely my favourite line lol!!!