March 21, 2019

BEAUTY: Ronke Raji With the Fulani Braids & 90's Make-up Tutorial

Hey Afrofusioners!!

Sharing something fun with y'all today! As an avid Youtube watcher, I love following influencers of colour and am always in awe of all the beautiful make-up looks and hairstyles they create. Definitely a huge source of inspiration when I want to try something new. Therefore, let's all be inspired together by their great work as I share some of my fave tutorials I come across....

One of my fave YouTubers is Nigerian beaty influencer Ronke Raji. She recently shared a dope video of her getting Fulani Braids done and accompanied it with a 90's inspired make-up tutorial. I'm really feelin; the Fulani braids! So much so that i'm now intrigued to try it.

PRESS PLAY and check it out!

Would you try the Fulani braids hairstyle or her 90's inspired makeup look? Comment below and let us know!