March 22, 2019

REAL TALK: Which Dating Pet Names Do You Love & Which Ones Make You Cringe?

Hey bae, babe, babes, baby, boo, honey, sweety, darling, sweet potato, sugar banana!!

Ok, so Real Talk...which dating pet names do you love and which ones make you cringe?

With dating come the use of cute pet names to call on your partner in place of their name. However, with so many options out there, ones preferred pet name differs between individual based on their personal preferences. Moreover, there are a number of 'pet names' that some might detest and even cringe whenever they are called it....

For example, with the rise of the pet name 'bae' in the last few years, I have come a across a few male friends that have expressed their hatred for that word. Furthermore, there are also some pet names that some link more to the older generation, therefore feel is sounds out of place for younger couples to use it.

As for me, you can call me sweet potato, sugar banana, tantalizing baby gyel! However, we can cut it short at boo or babe lol! I don't mind the word 'bae' either, however I feel like I'd moreso use when speaking among friends to refer my your partner. As for the ones I would never use, probably not honey, sweety or darling. They remind me too much of couples in African movies. Therefore if I were to ever use them, I would most likely say it with a funny exaggerated Ghanaian accent which will just make me laugh out loud haha!

So Real Talk, which pet names are your preferred names of choice and which ones would you never use or like to be called?

Comment below and let us know!