June 14, 2018

Miss G: #OOTD Looks of the Week ~Primark~

Primark is the UK plug!! 

As you know, I just came back form London, and of course y'all know I had to hit up my favourite store in the Primark! This store never lets me down! Whenever I am in London it is a must for me to shop at Primark and I always leave with fab fashion finds for such a cheap price. Although this time around the Canadian exchange rate was HORRIBLE, the conversion price of the items I got were still a great price. It was also worth it since I was able to get items that I probably wouldn't find in Canada or in the colour I wanted for the same cheap price. I will definitely be sharing a complete look at my Primark shopping haul soon on the blog so stay tuned!

In the meantime, my #OOTD look this week is one of my fave items from my Primark shopping spree. Check it out...

Dress: Primark
One thing about Primark is that the store is HUGE, therefore don't be surprised if it takes you hours to shop. This is always the case for me as I need to browse and see everything in the store, I mean EVERY single section, rack and aisle so as to not miss out on any great finds. Therefore, I always come ready to shop for hours and this time around I spent over 3 hours! So, so 3 hours of shopping, I left with a huge bag of purchases. 

It was a miracle how I was able to fit everything into my suitcase lol! Well I had to essentially create a carry on bag and my friend Ruth that travelled with me also helped by putting a few items in her bag. Shout out to Ruth, thanks girl!!

Belt: Charlotte Russe / Bracelet: From Nigeria
For this look, both my dress and sandals are items I got from this shopping trip to Primary. I absolutely love this cute striped button-up apron dress. It immediately caught my eye when I was shopping as it looks like a nice dress for Spring. The peach and green stripe colour combination is quire eye catching. I also really like the button up detail and the large apron style front pockets. I don't currently have anything like this in my closet so thought this would be a great Spring addition. Guess what...I also got the same dress in another colour...and its orange! I was lucky enough to find that the other colour option they had for this dress was in orange, so I grabbed that one quick.

While shopping, I also picked up these pair nude slide sandals with criss cross details. These are sandals that I have see around a lot, however for only 10 GBP, these were the cheapest I have seen them. Therefore, I couldn't pass on this deal and opted for a colour that I did not already have, which was nude.To complete the look, I added simple jewelry accessories with a bold pop of colour in the earrings.

I can see myself wearing this look out for brunch or when I am attending a baby shower.

Shoes: Primark / Watch: Winners

I can't wait to return to the UK so that I can shop at Primark again. They seriously need to open a store in Canada! Let's make this happen, who else is will me!! :)

They have actually opened a few stores in the US, so might have to just try those ones for now. However I'm sure it will not be the same or as great as the one in the UK; they never are :(  Actually, I won't know for sure until I check one out, so let me take that back and reserve my review for after visiting one in the US lol.

Who else is a Primark shopping lover? Have any of you visited a Primark store in the US?

Comment below and let us know!