June 14, 2018

Feelin' it or Nah?: Team Nigeria Style Arriving for the 2018 World Cup

You feelin' it or Nah???...

Team Nigeria has been continuing to create a lot of of buzz online. First it was the release of the team's official World Cup gear by Nike, and now they are trending again because of their outfits worn for their arrival to Russia.

I have been seeing photos of the players fully decked out in white & green traditional kaftans all over social media, and along with it have been many comments providing opinions of whether they like their outfits or not. So Afrofusioners, let's get into this debate also! You feelin' their look or nah?...

I for one love it! It shows great national pride to a have coordinated and worn these traditional African outfit for their arrival to Russia. It makes a big statement to let the world know that team Nigeria is coming and ready to perform at the World Cup. They have even already been voted the most stylish team at the World Cup! The only thingt I am a bit iffy about are the hats, they could have done without it, however I still love their outfits.

Continue to see more of the players in this look...

So, you feelin' it or Nah?

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