February 5, 2018

#MusicMonday: 'Freedom' by Shatta Wale

Happy Monday Everyone!

Time to get back to work, yea I know...sucks right :(

I always have very little energy on Mondays, so tend to have a slow start to the week. However, I have now found an Afrobeat track to help pump me up and get me amped up to put in work and continue the hustle throughout the week. This song is 'Freedom' by the Ghanaian Dancehall King himself Shatta Wale. This song is just so different and high energy, you can't help but feel energized and dance. Shatta Wale definitely took a risk with this one as it is totally opposite to his usual Dancehall sound, however it worked!

It's not just me that feels the energy as this song was played EVERYWHERE while I was in vacation in Ghana. As soon as it came on, everyone would go wild. ISSA Big Tune!

Click PLAY and check it out!