February 8, 2018

Miss G: #OOTD Looks of the Week

Hey y'all!

I'm back again with another #OOTD look this week. During the winter months, the main priority for most is staying warm, therefore being stylish may be put on the back burner. Well, at least that is sometimes the case for me since winter is my least favourite season. However, I have begun to get more into large knitwear and the colour grey as I have been noticing more stylish fashion pieces of them lately. As a result, I have been having fun trying out fashion looks for the winter using knitwear...

Top & Skirt: Forever 21
As my love for knitwear has grown, for some reason the colour grey has begun to grown on me as well. I've always like grey in terms of interior design, as it provides a nice, clean and modern look to a space. Now, I see it as a great choice for my simple winter fashion looks as well. As you know, I like more vibrant colours when it come to fashion, however, too much colour doesn't work too well in the winter. Winter fashion usually involve more deeper and darker colours and shades. Alternatively, I have found that grey is a great shade to rock in order to provide something lighter and break away from the darker tones. It is also a very chic neutral shade to rock when you want to achieve a simple stylish look, which I think is great for the winter.

Necklace: Vince Camuto / Watch: Skagen / Bracelet: Ardene
For this look, I styled everything around this cute grey midi knit skirt from Forever 21 that I got during my Black Friday shopping spree back in November. I actually have the same skirt in brown, therefore when I saw that they had it in grey also, I was immediately drawn to it. Midi skirts are great for creating dressy looks for the winter, as it provided more coverage to keep you warm in the cold weather. Every mini skirt works well paired with a crop top. As this is a winter look, I opted for a long sleeve grey crop top. Furthermore, I added a pair of grey leggings to help keep me warm, and also because I absolutely love as midi skirt and tights/leggings combination with lace-up booties. To complete the look and keep with the grey theme, I accessorized with simple silver jewelry and accessories.

Leggings: Target / Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Is grey a shade that you like to wear? What are your favorite grey pieces of clothing in your closet?

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