February 8, 2018

Men's Fashion: Style Profile of the Week - Fiati -

Monday is for Men's Fashion!

Each week, we will be featuring a men's fashion brand or featuring the style profile of a male reader. We want to make sure fashionable men and men's fashion brands get some shine too!

This week, we are bringing you the style profile of fashion connoisseur, Mr. Fiati from Ghana.

Continue to see more of Mr. Fiati's style and learn more about his sense of fashion...

Fiati (Ghana/Toronto)

‘My style is your traditional preppy and classic look. Fashion means everything to me. First impressions are key. The first thing one sees when they look at an individual is their appearance. Your appearance is what tells your story. I take pride in myself, therefore what I wear is very important. I always make sure that I look presentable and wear my best outfit. I thrive on compliments; I think we all get that 'feel good moment' when someone compliments our efforts. It's difficult to say who my style inspiration is or are since I have a love for every form of fashion. I like to believe that I am my own inspiration.’

‘My style journey started from infancy when my mom and aunt were constantly making me wear suits and ties. My grandfather taught me at the age of 6 how to tie my own tie without his help. After that lesson I couldn't wait to dress up just so I could tie my tie myself. I also remember having to wear a suit and tie everywhere I went, especially during when going to church. From there my love for fashion began and I've never been able to stop.’

‘As a lover of fashion, my preference is for high quality pieces. I have to admit, I'm not huge on brands. I often find that with most brands you don't get value for your money, especially when it comes to suits. I usually visualize a style in my head or on paper, and then shop for that look. I like to shop at stores like The Bay, Sarar, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, American Eagle etc. In terms of my favourite fashion items, I love suits (especially blazers and suit jackets), watches, colognes, ties and shoes. However, my favorite fashion items are my African bead accessories. I make them and I collect them. 3 essential style items you cannot leave your house without are my beads, my watch and a nice trim from the barber.’

'I love to inspire others through fashion, therefore, my fashion motto is "Live your passion, change lives"'


Thanks Fiati for dropping in the spot and sharing your style story with us! :)

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