June 20, 2017

Beauty: Lala Skin Essentials Organic Skin Care Product Review

Skincare has not always been a major focus of mine or an important part of my daily regiment, however in the past year I have become more interested in paying better attention to my skin and building a good skincare routine.

I recently had the opportunity to connect with local Toronto based organic skincare brand Lala Skin Essential and try out two of their shea body butters. As Ihave been working on improving my skin, I have tried to look more towards natural organic products. Therefore, with Lala Skin Essentials only uses organic ingredients, this definitely fell in line with what have been looking for so was excited to try it out...

As per their brand description, Lala SkinEssentials provides quality, effective, natural skin care products designed to improve your skin health and wellness, specializing in organic skin care formulas. Their skin care products are hand made with only 100% high quality organic ingredients, botanicals, essential oils and natural extracts, as they strongly believe in the natural healing and benefits that nature’s extracts and minerals can offer. Therefore, their skin care products will to nourish, protect, replenish and rejuvenate your skin while at the same time providing skin renewal and repair to achieve glowing radiant skin.

The Lala Skin Essentials product line includes: Premium 100% Organic Body Butters, Body Oils, Facial Cleansers, Toners, Masks, Body Scrubs, Hair Care Products, Lip Scrubs and Balms. Furthermore, their products are suitable for all skin types and genders.

The two items I tried were the Premium Shea Satsuma Body Butter and the Premium Shea Vanilla Body Butter. I absolutely love shea butter and already use it as part of my skin care, so was very interested to see how I my skin would take to the Lala Skin Essentials Shea butter formula. The Shea Satsuma is an ultra-rich and luxurious moisturizer that combines the scent of fresh oranges and tangerines along with the healing power of Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter and other unique essential oils. The Shea Vanilla is a luxurious blend of Organic Shea butter, Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Coconut oil and essential nourishing oils as well as infused with Vanilla Essential oil.

First of all, they both smelled amazing! I am all for scented products, however sometimes they can be too strong and over-powering, however the scent from the Satsuma & the Vanilla shea butters were strong but very pleasant. This was also great as shea butter in its original state has a pretty strong not so pleasant scent, therefore this was a nice alternative with its mixture fragrant essential oils and natural ingredients. of course, I especially loved the touch of orange scents from the Satsuma Body Butter.

Now time to try it on. I found the consistency of the moisturizer to be pretty smooth and much lighter than the super thicker consistency of Shea Butter in its original state. When applied, it goes on very smooth, not sticky. Only a small amount was needed to moisturize a large area of my skin, therefore this is great for the longevity of the product. You can see also the difference and glow in your skin right sway. Furthermore, the great scent of the moisturizer applies on strong at first, however after a few minutes it becomes lighter but still very fragrant, which I loved. The lasting moisturizing power of this product is great as well. After one application your skin is fully moisturized and lasts the whole day, so no need for re-application.

In addition, Afrofusion Squad member Jenny also tried out the Premium Shea Satsuma Body Butter. For her, its medium thickness guaranteed a moisturizing feeling all day and with the tint of orange, you’ll be smelling like summer which she liked. Although for her applying the product required a little more motion to spread around the skin, it was not much of a bother as it didn't require her to continuously add more lotion throughout the day due to its long lasting nature. Thus, Jenny also really liked the product and would definitely be interesting in using it some more.

After a few weeks of using these product on body, I can say I have seen some great improvements in my skin. It feels much smoother and softer. Also, the scent of each product is everything! I now sometimes just leave the Shea Vanilla body butter open in my room and come back while later with my room filled with its amazing scent. Therefore, will definitely will be adding Lala Skin Essentials to daily skincare regiment and hope to try few more products.

Now I got that Lala Skin Essentials glow! You can have it too!

Learn more about their products and get your hand on your own piece of Lala Skin Essentials products by visiting their newly launched website and placing an order: www.lalaskinessentials.com

You can also check them out at their booth in the Waterfront Market at HTO Park (339 Queens Quay W.) on select weekends throughout the summer. Visit their Instagram page for more details.

Have any of you used Lala Skin Essentials products or would like to try them also? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!