June 20, 2017

Miss G: #OOTD Looks of the Week - Pretty in Pink

Hey Everyone!

Back with another #OOTD feature look of the week. Now hat the weather is warmer, I can finally rock my skirts and sandals. Finally!! :)

This also means, time for some summer shopping. Although I usually do most of my shopping online, when I do browse in store its usually in Winners, my go to fave. A couple of weeks ago I happened to find myself in winners and found some great summer fashion finds...

Top: Forever 21 / Skirt: Winners
This pastel pink pleated skirt caught my eye while sifting through the winners racks. Pink is not a colour that I usually go for when shopping, however I thought why not give it a try since it is a great summer colour and I have been looking to get a pleated skirt for a while. I loved it immediately after putting it on and could already envision what items in my closet I could pair it with.

While shopping, I also came across this cute pair of pink heeled sandals that matched the skirt perfectly. At that point, it was a no brainer to get both items.

Blazer: Honest Eds / Shoes: Winners
For this look, I paired the skirt with a neutral white tank top in order to keep the base of the look simple. To add a pop of colour and style to my look, I added my fave burgundy blazer on top. Blazers are usually a fashion piece paired with pants, however, they work will with skirts and dresses as well. Therefore, the pastel pink shade of the skirt and sandals were enhanced with the pairing of a bolder coloured blazer.

Necklace: Ardene / Bracelet: The Bay / Watch: Winners
To accessorize my look, I a chose rose gold watch and charm bracelet. I wanted a bit more on my neck do I chose a jeweled dark pink necklace. My preppy chic summer look was finally complete and good to go. I wore this look out to my close friend's afternoon bridal shower, as pastel colours go well with floral and bridal themed events.

Is pink or pastel colours something you like to wear within your personal style. If not, is it a colour pallet you would try for your summer style? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!