February 23, 2017

Miss G: #OOTD Looks of the Week

Hi Afrofusioners! LOL!

Ok I've been trying to think of a cool name to call my readers and this was all I could come up with at the moment. Still a work in progress haha!

Now, lets get back to the post at hand...this week's OOTD look :)

For those that follow me on Instagram, you see that I regularly post my #OOTD looks. As I continue to work to get back into the swing of things on the blog, I'm now back to recapping the details of my weekly looks here on the blog.

So, now that I back from vacation in a warmer climate, I am force to adjust to the colder winter weather which also means shifting to my winter wardrobe...

Sweater: Winners / Skirt: Forever 21 / Shoes: Forever 21
Winter is definitely not my favourite season as I have having to wear a big winter jacket and being out when its cold. However, this is what I must bear every year living in Canada. I am hopeful that eventually at some point I will make the move to live somewhere is the world where it is warm all year round.

Nevertheless, although winter is not my thing, I still like finding cute fashionable looks that keep me slaying in the colder weather. Winter style is made for knitwear. I'm not so much a fan of heavy oversized knit sweaters, therefore I usually opt to more thinner and light knits.

For this look, I put together a chic winter outfit using a light knit turtleneck sweater and cord knit midi skirt. I used to not really like turtleneck sweaters, however over time they have grown on me. This is one of my favourite sweaters, with its' buttons and puffed shoulder detail. These detailed additions create a more stylish look to it. For bottoms, I wore a brown knits midi shirt I ordered from Forever 21 back during my Black Friday shopping spree lol. I absolutely love midi skirts, therefore it was easy for my to try out and love a thicker knitted midi. I also really like that it has a corded knighted pattern detail. Furthermore, being as it is winter, I wore a simple pair of black tights to keep myslef warm.

Tip: Don't be afraid to wear a skirt in your everyday look during the winter. Just wear a pair of tights underneath and you are good to go! There are warmer insulated tights out there that will provide you with more coverage for the colder weather.

Necklace: Coach / Belt: Ardene / Rings: Aldo
To accessorize this look, I kept it simple with a thin gold belt, a small gold necklace over my turtle neck sweater. I really like the look of wearing a necklace over a turtleneck top.

Tip: When wearing a necklace with a turtleneck top, all type of necklaces will compliment it well, including short necklaces, long chain or layered necklaces, and large embellished necklaces. Therefore, you can easily create versatility with your look by wearing different types of necklaces.

I also wore 2 large rings to add some edge to the look. However, I opted to not wear a watch or bracelet so as to not take away from the details on the arm of my sweater. Furthermore, I am not wearing earrings here either (forgot to put them on), however I usually stick to stud earrings when wearing a turtleneck. To complete the look I wore a pair of pointed toe oxford shoes. A pair of ankle booties would work with this look as well.

Stay tuned to the blog to check out my next #OOTD look next week.

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Enjoy the rest of your week Afrofusioners! ;)