February 24, 2017

Features: The AfroFusion Spot Youtube Channel is Here!

The AfroFusion Spot's YouTube channel is now here!!!

It has definitely been a long time coming, so I'm extremely excited to finally embark on this new YouTube journey. I actually filmed this back in October and not too happy that the quality is a bit blurry as well as the sound of my TV in the background, however I feel like if I don't start this now I never will LOL. I'm just keeping it real ;)

Nevertheless, I am excited to have you see more of my personality and looking forward sharing more of my interests and what fun things I'm up to. You can expect to see a variety of things covered in relation to myself and the blog. On my channel, I'll be doing some Real Talk chats, sharing my travel diary vlogs as well as general lifestyle videos.

So, welcome again to The AfroFusion Spot's YouTube channel. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the AfroFusion Spot experience!

Check out my first video and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! :)