February 26, 2017

Real Talk: When is the Right Time to Live With Your Partner?

Ok, so Real Talk...

When is the Right Time to Move in With Your Partner?

There are definitely varying views on this issue depending on ones individual moral and religious views, or just ones personal preference.

Some say they will not live with their partner until they are married, while some may say they would wait until the relationship is serious before living together. There are also others who don't really have specific timeline for when this is ok, therefore no matter what stage of the relationship they are in, they are fine living with their partner. Now, I don't know about all that, I do think there should be some sort of timeline in place..

I personally do not believe in the 'waiting till you are married' idea. I'm sorry but, before I marry someone, I need to ensure that we can handle living together and share a space. Regularly staying over your partners place over the weekends or even longer is not enough for me to know if we can handle being in a relationship while living together. Things can change once you live with someone, as you will discover more of their habits and behaviours which may cause you to look at them in a different light. I am not about to find out some surprises after the wedding, I am not about that life, prevention is the key! LOL!

On the other hand, I would not want to live with my partner when we are just dating. I think that is too soon as we have not yet built a solid committed relationship. I am not trying to move all my stuff in, date for a few months, break up and then have to move all my stuff out. I got a lot of stuff yo! Ain't nobody tryna move back and forth like that. Furthermore, even if we are in a committed relationship, that is still not enough for us to live together.

Ultimately, I believe the ideal time to live together is once we are engaged to be married. This is a time where a solid commitment to the relationship is confirmed and also where we begin to plan our future together. Therefore, at this point, I would want to move in with my partner to test out how we would live and interact with eachother as a married couple. Of course I know that engagement sometimes end as well, but it is still a bit more of a secure commitment than just dating. However, at the end of the day, to each their own! Whatever works best for you is all good. Well, I'm just keeping it real!

...so Real Talk, what are your thoughts?

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