June 14, 2016

Spotted!: Ed Sheeran in Ghana Hanging With Fuse ODG

Guess who's been spotted chillin' in Ghana...Ed Sheeran & Fuse ODG!

Seems like Ed Sheeran decided to take a quick vacation to Ghana with his fellow musician buddy Ghanaian/British artist Fuse ODG. Currently trending on social media are fun pick and video clips of Ed and Fuse out and about chillin in the streets of Ghana having fun.

Check out what Ed & Fuse have been up to...

In Ada
Roadside Shenanigans

At the Market
At Independence Square
Fuse ODG & Ed Sheeran with Reggie Rockstone
A video posted by Fuse ODG (@fuseodg) on

A video posted by Fuse ODG (@fuseodg) on

Looks like they may be working on a song together as well! Can't wait to see!

Glad to see Ed's having a great time in Ghana! :)