June 12, 2016

Interior Design: Creating a Work Space with Limited Space & Budget

Yaaayyyy!! I finally have a desktop work space at home!

I while ago, I decided that I wanted to get a desktop computer and set up a desk workspace area at home. I find that I work more efficiently sitting at a desktop computer, whereas a lot of times I get to comfortable and distracted lounging around while using my laptop. However, with being in a downtown condo and also having so much stuff, space is extremely limited. There is definitely no space in my living room, therefore I had to figure out how to make space for it in my room.

Now when I say I have a lot of stuff, I mean I have a LOT of stuff lol! My room is jam packed! Despite this, I am the Queen of organizing so I knew I could somehow make it work and create a nice new work space...

To start I had to totally re-organize all the storage furniture in my room, which meant getting rid of some old ones and getting new pieces that would provide more space. This involved a lot of measuring, sketching sample room configurations and hours of online research for furniture that would fit the necessary measurements. Ultimately, I was able to get smaller storage furniture and also rearrange things to make room for a small space beside my bed. In addition, I was able to fine a small desk that fit perfectly in that space.

Tip: When re-organizing a space measure everything, especially areas in which you will placing new furniture. Have retractable measuring tape will make this task easier.

Of course, I did not want a simple boring desk area. I wanted to create a nice comfy design that would compliment the interior design of my room. Therefore, I set out to find a nice grey chair that could compliment my bed, and was so lucky and excited to find a chair that matched the studded details on my bed exactly! To add an additional chic touch, I found a decorative grey and white letter 'G' that went great with my design as well. Furthermore, while home decor shopping, I also found a black wood office paper organizer which I thought would work nicely as a monitor stand while also providing me space for storing office supplies.

Tip: When shopping for items for new space, check their measurements to make sure they will fit well in your space

Once my design was complete, I set out to get a computer monitor, mouse and keyboard. So, I opted to not get a complete desktop computer set right now and instead just got a monitor  and keyboard/mouse set that I would connect to my current laptop. I am hoping to get an iMac in the near future, therefore, I felt this set up would work for now as it would still give me the comfort of working on a desktop monitor and keyboard.

Tip: If you are not able to get a new full desktop computer set, just get a monitor, keyboard and mouse to connect it to your laptop.

Once I purchased each of these items, I set up my monitor, keyboard and mouse, and voila! My cute new desktop work space area was complete!

The following are the items I purchased and where I got them:
IKEA Micke Desk
Best Buy Acer 27" Monitor
Best Buy Microsoft Combo
Monitor Stand: Marshalls
Chair: Homesense
Decorative Chair Pillow: Winners
Decorative Letter 'G': Marshalls

I absolutely lover Winners, Marshalls and Homesense for finding nice home decor item, and they always offer very affordable prices.

In the end, everything came together so nicely and I just love it!