June 7, 2016

Events: Clutch Life 85 x Harlem Underground Sunday Brunch Pop-Up Shop

I'm about that Clutch Life!

A few weeks ago, I attended the Clutch Life 85 x Harlem Underground Sunday Brunch Pop-Up Shop with a few friends. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to eat and shop!

Upon arrival to the event, we were welcomed by some cool hip hop tunes which set a nice, chilled ambiance. To start things off, we all went to the pop-up shop area to check out all the Clutch Life 85 custom graphic t-shirts and apparel available for purchase. They had a large selection of different t-shirts on sale from their various collections, such as their Clutch, Fete Season and T-Dot collections...

Squad! :)
Based out of Toronto, Clutch Life 85 is an urban apparel brand that is all about 'representing yourself and where you are from. No matter where you are in life, you express the pride that comes with being you. If you are Clutch, no need to say anything, you let your clutchness speak for itself. Their collections are comprised of different aspects of what living the "Clutch Life" is all about. From repping the beautiful city of Toronto and showing the pride for our native country to embracing the Born Winner inside you, their designs represent all the little things that make us into the unique and awesome individuals that we are.'

T-Dot collection
T-Dot Collection

Fete Season & Flux collections
Clutch & Fete Season Collection
T-Dot Collection
T-Dot Worldwide Collection


After checking out all the cool Clutch Life 85 apparel, my friends and I sat down to enjoy a nice brunch. We each chose items from the large selection of choices on the Harlem Underground Brunch menu.

I chose the Harlem Benny

Cool wall art
After finishing up Brunch, it was time to decide which Clutch Life 85 shirt to get. Of course, I was drawn to their T-Dot shirts exhibiting country flags. So sure enough, I looked through the shirts and was exited to find that my beloved Ghana flag was represented! :)

They had it in 2 colours; which one do you think I chose?...

This one! :)

We all such had a great time at this event and look forward to attending future Clutch Life 85 events this summer.

With the Co-Founder of Clutch Life 85
For more info on the Clutch Life 85 brand and apparel, check out their following online pages:

Website HERE
Facebook HERE
Instagram HERE

Stay CLUTCH everyone! :)