May 6, 2016

Happy New Month! May Orange Feature of the Month

May is finally here, so bring on the warm weather! I'm so happy that winter is FINALLY over!

May also marks a time for spring cleaning, re-organizing and for some re-decorating. I definitely have a lot of Spring cleaning and re-organizing to do myself. My main area to clean up is my balcony/patio, which became a mess over the Fall and Winter months due to the snow and the Condo construction happening across the street. Now that the weather is getting warmer, its time for me to enjoy some nice outdoor dining and lounging out on my patio...

In the spirit of Spring re-organizing and re-decorating, the Orange Feature of the Month is this African art painting which utilizes an orange focused colour scheme. I love to surround myself with Afrocentric art pieces, and when it comes to painting Keith Mallett is one of my favourite artist. I came across this particular piece from Walmart...Yes, I said Walmart! I was just as surprised as you to find this African art piece there and even more shocking was that it was a Keith Mallett piece. I chose to include this piece in my office at work when I was decorating it. All spaces I decorate must include as element of African art, therefore this painting worked perfecting in adding a decorative piece that was Afrocentric and orange to my work space.

So, if you plan on doing any re-decorating this spring, definitely consider adding a nice piece of African art...or something orange! ;)