September 30, 2015

Events: “Nigerian Renaissance” All Things Ankara Ball 2015

Talk about luxury!!! Beautiful concept with perfect execution.

Tomorrow Nigeria will celebrate it's 55th year of independence. In honour of this milestone, The All Things Ankara team have organized a fabulous “Nigerian Renaissance” All Things Ankara Ball in Maryland, USA on Saturday, October 17th. The event will feature Nigerian-American musician Jidenna and Nigerian model Jessica Chibueze.

The event is described as being a 'beautiful Marriage of French Renaissance and Nigerian-African Aesthetics.' Furthermore it aims 'to display, expose & educate, the public and the world to the rich culture of a Nigerian Renaissance man and woman though illuminating Ankara Print Fashion and vibrant craftsmanship'...

This will be their inaugural ball in celebration of Nigerian Independence and is a formal social event for attendees to come decked out in their best luxurious, classy and couture African print attire. The night will include 'electrifying music, exciting entertainment, and an award ceremony to honor Nigerian Renaissance Men and Women excelling in the Nigerian and African Community at Large.'

Check out more of the fabulous promo photoshoot and learn more about the event details...

Also check out their great promo video:

You can find the full event details and purchase tickets on:

So if you are or will be in the Maryland area, definitely check out this event.

This just looks so good, I wish I could go! It's funny because I was already planning to be in Maryland the week after...who knows, maybe I might change my trip to come earlier LOL. ;)