September 29, 2015

Style Guide: It's Time to Fall Into Layers

Unfortunately summer over, so now it's time to start adding some Fall layers to your wardrobe!

The beginning of Fall is that weird time of  year were you can still rock some of your summer gear, but just have to add an extra layer or two. Fall also bring the necessity of wearing toned down earthy colours, jackets, longer sleeves and warmer shoes. I'm not too much of a Fall fan as I live for the heat. When fall comes around, it just reminds me that the dreaded cold winter in coming near.

On the other hand, the one aspect of Fall that I do love it that it is the season for me to wear much more of my favourite color ORANGE, which is meant for this season :) :) :) I also find it to be a fun time for me to experiment more with wearing different forms of layers, especially layering with light jackets and blazers which I absolutely love...

Long Sleeve White Tee: Bluenotes / Jeans: Winners
Since we are just in the beginning of Fall, it's still a bit warm during the day, so for this look I did some light layering. I started off simple with a pair of dark wash denim jeans and plain long sleeve white tee. Since the temperatures are starting to drop, its more suitable to wear longer sleeves. Don't let the sun and the warmer weather fool you when your leaving your place in the day, it'll sure get colder when your on you way home in the evening LOL.

Sleeveless Plaid Long Shirt: H & M / Bracelet: Winners
Plaid is very in during this season, and more recently long plaid shirts have become a popular trend. Therefore, I layered a sleeveless long plaid shirt on top of my white tee. Of course I needed something orange within my ensemble, so I chose my orange plaid shirt. You don't usually see orange in plaid, therefore when I found this piece in H & M, it was love at first sight as I knew it would be a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe :)

Booties: Target
 Fall time also calls for the wearing light boots. I particularly like to wear leather boots during the fall. For this look, I chose a pair of chunky heeled leather booties, with cute buckle side detail. I also added a  long strap satchel bag with deep tones that complimented my plaid shirt.

Bag: Call it Spring
Watch: Michael Kors
To complete the look I added my accessories. This included my two-toned, navy blue faced MK watch, and a navy blue leather bracelet with gold embellishments. Finally, I topped things off with some cool brown Rayban aviator sunglasses and a black necklace.

Sunglasses: RayBan / Necklace: Aldo
Happy Fall everyone and try to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before the temperature really goes down. Well, I'm off to dinner...

More fall looks to come! :)