June 12, 2015

My Faves: My Show is Finally Back!! Orange is the New Black

The new season of Orange is the New Black finally drops today on Netflix!!! Can't wait to watch, probably going to binge watch in one day LOL. 

I'm not really a Neflix person, and would always heat friends talking about different Netflix series that are must watch but was never really interested. I prefer browsing regular TV, and mostly watch the news, documentaries, old sitcoms and reality shows. Reality shows are probably the only type of shows I really follow. I guess you an call me a reality show junkie, I just live for all the ratchetness hehehe!

Anyway, during season two of Orange is the New Black, I was frequently hearing more and more about how great the show was, not from just friends but also seeing it online. So, I thought, well it had Orange in its title so it must be good (you can never go wrong with anything orange ha!) so i decided to finally check it out.

Mannn, can I tell you I was hooked after the first episode of season 1! I ended up bing watching it and finished both seasons within one weekend. That whole weekend I was just cooped up in my room watching episode after episode throughout the day and deep into the night. Each episode ended in a way that you immediately wanted to see what would happen next so you just had to continue and watch the next episode.

Though I love that fact that all episodes in the season are released at once, I do somewhat prefer how it is on regular TV programming, with new episodes released each week. This way you can enjoy the show longer and something to look forward to each week. Also, this way you and everyone else are at the same stage of the show and can talk about the show without worrying about someone being ahead of you in episodes they've watched and spoiling it for you, which is possible with Netflix shows.

Which way do you prefer to watch?

Well, I gotta go now so I can start watching season 3...