May 15, 2015

Real Talk: Online Shopping vs. Shopping In-Store?

Ok, so Real Talk...

With the fast rise and popularity of online stores, it seems like more and more people are shopping online. This has led many retail stores to begin to also sell their merchandise online. So I thought I'd put the question out there: What do you prefer, Online shopping or shopping in-store? 

I personally loovvvee online shopping, and frankly I prefer it to shopping in a store. I'm the type of shopper that has that has to browse through every single section of the store to ensure that I see everything and don't miss out on any great finds. However this takes a lot of time and is sometime difficult to look through racks when they're all messed up, which they usually are by mid-day in major retail stores. With online shopping I can easily browse through all the merchandise and pick what I want.

Online shopping also provides me with the opportunity to purchase items sold in other countries that I won't find in my city. I especially love European fashion, but I ain't gonna fly there each time I wanna shop right! With online shopping I have access to many European stores so I can get that European look. Yes, there are the possible extra fees of shipping & duties, yes you have have to wait for it to be delivered and yes there is the fear that it might not fit, however I always factor in the extra fees, I'm fine with the risk and ok with the wait. 

Even for stores in my city, if they have an online shop, I prefer shopping on it. This way I can see all their merchandise and all the sizes available, as opposed to have to go to multiple locations to find a particular item, colour or size. An additional perk is thats most also offer free local delivery and one can easily return the item in store.

The one issue I now have with online shopping is that as these online stores get more popular and more people are shopping on them, there is no longer the idea that I bought this online from a store in another country so no one else where I am is gonna have my outfit lol! I frequently spot people when I'm out wearing items I've seen from some of the online shops so now your once 'one of a kind outfit that ain't nobody else gonna have in my city' is no longer one of a kind because there is the chance you'll see someone else with the same thing, omg... I'm just keepin' in real.

So real talk, what are your thoughts on this?