May 15, 2015

Team Natural: Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair Tutorial

So, I'm currently natural, transitioned about 3 year ago. Decided to go natural because I had a lot of breakage which were making my ends very thin and uneven. So in an attempt to grow back my hair full and thick I decided to go natural. It was a big struggle in the beginning figuring out what to do with my natural hair as it is very coarse and takes a lot of time to manage it, time that I don't really have. Dis one be original 100% Ghanaian hair lol! So in preparation for my transition, I did A LOT of research into taking care of natural hair and natural hair products as well as natural hair styles for all lengths.
I spent the most time trying to find cute natural hair styles, especially for short hair as I know my hair grows slow. Therefore, after my 'big chop' i knew it'll take a long while before my natural hair gets long. I do wear extensions, but I like to leave my hair out too, especially in the summer, and I ain't about only rocking a fro, I need a variety of hair styles. Soo...where else better to look than Youtube! There a found so many natural beauties sharing their natural hair stories, giving natural hair care tips,  reviewing natural hair products, and most importantly giving natural hair styles tutorials for different lengths. I came across a video by 'womaninthejungle' that I liked as she provided a variety of style options. Check it out the video!
Check me out rocking a couple of the styles:

Me rockin' the first style she did :)
Rockin' a high bun

High-bun in my white & gold