November 1, 2016

Events: African Fashion Week Toronto 2016, Day 1 Student Designer Competition

Following up on our coverage of AFWT 2016, here is a look at my time during Day 1 which consisted of the Student Designer Competition.

When I tell you these designers brought their 'A' game, I mean they really brought it!! I was very impressed by the various student collections that went down the runway.

Check them out!...

With Miss Nikki :)
I attended the event with my friend Miss Nikki and was provided beautiful African print jewelry to wear with my look by Designs by Yaa.

With Denise, designer of Designs by Yaa
Hosts: 2 Divas and a Mic

Judges: Mr Adamako, Janielle Mckoy, Isaac Ansah
Day 1 was hosted by the fabulous duo '2 Divas and a Mic' and consisted of a judging panel of professionals within the Toronto fashion community. I unfortunately arrived a bit late so I missed the first 2 designers *le sigh*. However, I was still able to capture a majority of the student designer runway shows.

Here are some of the looks that went down the runway by each designer:



Cool versatility!


My fave!

Designer of OFUURE

We Are Kings

Fave!...of course loving the orange detail :)

Designer of We are Kings

Zoba Martin


Double Slay!

Designer of Zoba Martin

Lexynelle Reveur




Designer of Lexynelle Reveur



Before the event, all the student designers were given a designer challenge. The challenge involved each designer having to create a look using the same African print fabric, which they were provided. Therefore, to end off the event the last runway showcase presented the designs each designer created with the fabric they were provided for this challenge. I absolutely loved the unique and creative designs each designer created while still staying true to their design aesthetic.

Designer Challenge
Janae Welsh

Cannonball Diva

Zoba Martin

We Are Kings

Lexynelle Reveur


Janae Welsh
Zoba Martin
We Are Kinds
Lexynelle Reveur
Cannonball Diva

And the winner is...


Winning OFUURE look on Model Essence
With Tehilah, designer of OFUURE
Congratulations to OFUURE or winning the 2016 African Fashion Week Toronto Student Competition! Her collection was absolutely stunning and definitely my fave :)

For more info on all the student designers, checkout their online pages:

OFUURE: Instagram HERE / Shop: HERE

We Are Kings: Instagram HERE / Facebook HERE

Lexynelle Reveur: Instagram HERE / Facebook HERE

S.O.K.I: Instagram HERE

Cannonball Diva: Instagram HERE / Website HERE

Janae Welsh: Instagram HERE

Next up will be a look day Day 3's designer showcase as well as details on what I wore, so stay tuned!


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