October 28, 2016

Real Talk: Yes or No to Office Dating?

Ok, so Real Talk...

Are you about that office romance life?

More specifically, would you date someone that you work with or in the same workplace as you? This seems to be one of those questions that usually leads to a heated discussion. Some say they never mix business with pleasure, while others don't see anything wrong with dating someone in their workplace....

Workplace dating occurs a lot and it can sometimes be a tricky situation. It is inevitable in many workplaces that there will be a few people attracted to eachother, maybe even some innocent flirting occurring. I think that is where it should end. However, some people venture further into it developing an little fling and some develop even further into a relationship. In the beginning its all roses and butterflies however, majority of the time something is bound to happen that will lead to a sticky situation at work.

In the case of a fling, one person might catch feeling and want more however the other person might not be interested in that. There can also be situation where one person is engaging on a fling with more than one person in the workplace, which may lead to jealousy. Furthermore, if the fling is between an employee and someone above them, this can cause a lot of drama between other employees and possible accusations of favoritism, not to mention it being very unethical. Also, imagine if one or both of the people involved are married, that's a whole other level of messiness.

In the case of office relationships, there is the possible awkwardness and drama if the relationship ends badly. This creates a very uncomfortable work environment for both people. This is why I don't blame some workplaces for having a no dating policy. It makes a lot of sense and may save some people a lot of headache. However, this is not to say that all office romances end negatively. There are many example of success relationships and even marriages among people within the same workplace, however I believe this is definitely a minority. This leads me to question, is it really worth taking that risk??

I mean...if you are cool with dealing with the uncomfortable vibe whenever you see eachother, bump into eachother or have to work with eachother then all power to you, go ahead with your office boo.

Furthermore, I feel like there is a third dimension to this question, that it whether other co-workers like to witness office romances lol. I for one prefer not to see this, especially in the event the relationship end badly which can lead to a very uncomfortable and awkward work environment for everyone and pull other into their drama. On the other hand, there are always those co-workers who relish in the inevitable gossip and possible drama associated with workplace romances as it provides them with some entertainment to get them through the work day.

This is also a funny side to this question. I have found that there are some people who quickly respond that they would never date anyone in their workplace, however somewhere down the line they find themselves caught up in an office romance situation. "Huh?...What was that you were saying before???" LOL!

Ultimately, I'm definitely NOT about that life....Actually, I can't really test this out as there ain't even any prospects in my workplace LOL! I'm just keeping it real...

So real talk, what are your thoughts?