November 1, 2016

Happy New Month! November Orange Feature of the Month

Happy New Month Everyone!!

We are now in the month of November and which means we are nearing the end of the year. This means a time to start reflecting on the year and putting forward an action plan to achieve whatever is left to accomplish by the end of 2016....

Jacket: Bedo
One of the main things I'm working towards achieving is being much more consistent with my posts on this blog as well as finally starting my Youtube channel. Furthermore, I'm striving to catch up on all the my posts about events, travels and activities from earlier in the year so that I can be back on track with sharing more current content. Therefore, please bear with me this month, I will definitely be posting a lot of throwbacks LOL!

Now, the orange feature this month is my favourite fall jacket. I picked this jacket up a few years ago from Bedo at Fairview Mall. I'm all about coloured fall jackets, which I went into detail about in a previous post HERE. You can dress it up or dress it down and it and provides a nice pop of color to your look. Therefore, this orange jacket is great chic piece for the fall season.

Have a blessed month and make sure to work towards accomplishing those goals!