February 4, 2019

YOUTUBE: Huge Primark Shopping Haul

Hey Afrofusioners!

I'm back with a fun YouTube video, yaayyy! This time around I'm sharing my huge shopping haul from my favourite place to shop whenever I am in London, PRIMARK!! I absolutely love Primark and can spend then the whole day shopping in there. Whenever I am planning a trip to London, I always set money aside as well as leave room in my luggage just so I'll have space to bring back all my Primark goodies...

This time around I got a HUGE bag full of items from Primark (definitely overspent, but it was worth it!), so of course the struggle was real fitting everything in my luggage to bring back. Thanks to some special packing maneuvering and the help of my friend and travel buddy Ruth (heeyyy girl!), I was able to bring back everything.

PRESS PLAY and find out what Primark fashion goodies I got in my huge shopping haul.



Are you a fellow Primark Shopping Lover? Comment below and let us know! :)