February 6, 2019

FEELIN' IT OR NAH?: Lacefront Hair Piece Trend for Black Men

If you are regularly on black social media, you may have noticed in the last while an emerging trend in relation to black men's hair. This trend is the use of lacefront hair pieces for balding men. Now, black women have long been on the lacefront train and have perfected the craft of laying a wig to make it look as natural as possible. However, now it seems Black men are joining the lacefront train!...

This is not to say that men have never been known to wear lacefronts, however it has for the most part been in the form of toupee's worn my other cultures or hair pieces worn by actors playing a character. This new wave in on a whole other level and some of the transformations are unbelievable! These pieces utilize natural black textured hair that are cut, shaved and trimmed to look like a full head of hair with a fresh fade and line-up. I mean WOW! The level of how real these barbers make it look is amazing. This particular transformation photo done here by @blackedabarber has recently gone viral, and I can definitely see why.

So here comes the question, are y'all feelin' this trend or nah? There has long been the continuous debate about black women rockin' their natural hair vs. lacefront wigs. Where as it has been a bit more accepting for women you wear lacefronts as a form of changing ones look, when it comes to men doing the same, there is a bit more skepticism. Are men being deceptive by trying to hide their balding or is this a form of men switching up their hairstyle?

I mean, if women can do it, why can't men? I would just need a guy to inform me that they are wearing a piece in advance so that I'm not in for a big surprise later on LOL! My only drawback would be towards men that have been hating on women for not wearing their natural hair, and now all of a sudden wanna wear a hair piece, oh hell naawww!

So, are you feelin' this trend or nahhhh?

Male Lacefront Hair Pieces

Feelin' it!