November 8, 2018

Style: 5 Fab Wedding Guest Go-To Styles

In the last year, I have attended quite a number of wedding, and each time one comes along it is always a struggle deciding what to wear. For ladies, when attending a wedding the opt to wear a long gown, however I'm not a big fan of wearing super long gowns at every formal event. Once in a while a gown is fine, however I tend to go towards more knee length outfits. Therefore, thought I'd share some of my go-to styles to wear when attending a wedding for those have a hard time deciding what to wear as well as those looking for chic alternatives from a gown.

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1. Simple Midi Dress

This style is perfect if you want to keep you look simple and classy. So as to not be too plainly dressed, accessorizing this look is very important. You can add a statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings. Another option would be to add a dressy waist belt to dress up this look, which is what I chose for my look.

2. Midi/Pencil Skirt with Top
Similar to wearing a midi dress, an alternative would be to make it a 2-piece look utilizing a midi/pencil skirt and a blouse. Wearing a 2-piece look give more to play with such as mixing colours and fabrics. This is my fave as it allows me more flexibility and creativity in mixing matching pieces. For this look, I paired a navy blue pencil skirt with a mustard yellow top to add a pop of colour. An other alternative could be to wear it with a silk blouse, a lace to or a top with nice jewel embellishments.  Vice versa, you can keep the top very simple and wear a stylish silk, lace or embellished skirt.

3. Peplum Top
When in doubt, wear a peplum top! I feel like whenever I think my outfit is to simple or casual, I wear a peplum top and I automatically feel more dressed up. For a long time, I would always wear some form of peplum top with a skirt when attending a wedding as my go-too look. This look has never failed me! Therefore, I highly recommend it if you are struggling to figure out what to wear and want to keep it simple. Alternatively, I peplum dress does the job as well. Moreover, I typically like to style my peplum tops by adding a waist belt to further accentuate my waist.

4. Flared Skirt
Just like midi/pencil skirts, flared skirts are nice to wear as a 2-piece with a dressy top. This style can be found in a 1-piece dress form as well. For this look I am am wearing a fit & flare skirt, however an alternative would be a full flared knee length or midi length skirt.

5. African Print Dress
Last but not the least, of course wearing an African print dress will definitely have you stylish at a wedding. When it comes to African print outfits, I also still prefer it to be knee length instead of a long gown. For this look, I've worn an off the shoulder midi dress. The great thing about African print outfits are that with the use of a seamstress, you can create your own unique style. There are also many African fashion designers when a variety of ready to wear styles can be purchased. Therefore, you can ultimately use it to create any of the previous styles listed: Midi dress, midi/pencil, peplum top and flared skirt.

Hope these tips have provided you with some ideas for the next time you are deciding what to wear to a wedding. Happy styling!

So, what type of style do you like to wear when attending a wedding? Comment below and let us know.