October 24, 2018

Design: The Afrofusion Spot Youtube Video Background

Hey y'all!

As you may have noticed, I have gotten back in to the swing of recording and putting out regular YouTube videos on the Afrofusion Spot YouTube Channel. 😊 In my efforts to put out regular YouTube content, I thought it wise to create a standard background for my videos, as most YouTubers do. This turned out to be a harder tasks than I thought!...

First, it was difficulty to decide which room to mainly shoot in, my room or the living room. I ultimately decided on my room as I felt the sound would be better in a more enclosed space. Next was deciding which side of my room to use. Since my room is pretty jam packed with furniture, deciding this became a bit tricky. I had shot a past video sitting with my computer and a bit of my bed as the background which turned out ok, however I felt like I wanted switch it up.

Therefore, as an alternative, I have come up with this new set up which I think is a bit better and allows for a bit more space for movement as I would be standing while shooting with this background. This is particularly ideal for when I have to hold up and show items and products on screen, space is definitely needed. I also like that it allows me to incorporate more colour (aka ORANGE!😉) into the shot, I also added some Afrocentric pieces with the addition of my strip of Kente and African beaded bracelets.

On the other hand, for shopping haul video's I will most likely shoot in my living room is it provides more space to showcase full outfits. However, for the most part, I believe I will use this background.

So, what do you thinks of this background? Comment below and let us know.