June 21, 2018

Travel: Solo Travel Tips With Simply Eseeri

Solo travel has become something I've recently wanted to try, however I'm not quite sure where to start. However, Miss Eseeri is way ahead of the game when it comes to solo travel, so one can look to her for inspiration and tips. On her blog 'Simply Eseeri', Esseri shares her travel experiences, including her solo trips to Brasil, Amnsterdam and most recently Cancun, Mexico. In addition to her experiences, Eseeri also shares helpful travel tips to help others thinking on embarking on Solo travel.

Continue to see some of her Solo travels and learn some of her travel tips...


"I went on my first solo trip and it was life-changing. I packed a backpack and carryon case and stepped into adventure. I decided to spend about 5 days in Amsterdam with one day trip to Brussels, Belgium. This was hands down one of the absolute best trips I’ve ever been on!"

4 Signs to Know That You Are Ready To Travel Solo
1. You enjoy spending time on your own.
2. You’ve saved enough money for your trip.
3. You welcome unplanned adventures!
4. You're Confident.

7 Tips on How to Prepare for a Solo Vacation
1. Build your confidence.    
2. Do your research.
3. Have photocopies of important documents.
4. Save money for emergencies.
5. Purchase travel insurance.
6. Create an itinerary.
7. Tell your family/friends where you are travelling.

8 Tips Learned From My First Solo Trip:
1. Be confident
2. Have no fear
3. Go with the flow
4. Explore
5. Safety first
6. Have some cash on you
7. Enjoy your own company
8. Have fun!


"This was my first solo vacation at a resort and I had a great time and meeting new people was the icing on the cake!"

Solo Resort Travel Tips:
1.If you are planning a trip to an all-inclusive resort be sure to do your research first! Most, importantly research if the area and hotel that you plan on staying at is a safe place.

2. Be confident in your travels. You’ve decided to travel on your own but that doesn’t mean you won’t make new friends while you’re there

3. If you find it hard to meet new people, or if you are seeking something to do sign-up for an activity and have fun with your fellow travel buddies!

Check out SimplyEseeri's Cancun Travel Vlog!



Another option for Solo travelers are joining travel group trips. This is still somewhat solo travel as you arrive not knowing anyone else in the group. However, like traditional solo travel, by the end you have build great new friendships. 

For her trip to Brazil, Eseeri traveled solo with the 'OneLove Travel Club."

"This is one of the most memorable life-changing travel destinations that I’ve been to 
As part of my Brazil vacation, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a children’s daycare centre located in a Favela in Rio de Janeiro. This was one of the best, life changing experiences of my life and I was so happy that we had the opportunity to do so!"

This definitely motivates me to try out some solo travel! Where should I go y'all?

To learn more about Miss Eseeri, her travels and tips, check out her blog www.simplyeseeri.com. I look forward to seeing where she goes next. In addition, Miss Eseeri is also a make-up and healthy living enthusiast. Therefore, also check out her blog for fun make-up tutorials and fitneess tips.

Have you done any solo traveling? How was the experience?

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