April 20, 2018

Real Talk: Women Dating Married Men, Case of Moesha Boduong

So Real Talk, what are your thoughts on women dating and/or sleeping with married men so they can take care of them and provide financial support?

Last week, social media in Ghana was going crazy over a preview snippit that was release for international journalist Christiane Amanpours upcoming CNN special series 'Sex & Love Around the World' which featured her interviewing Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong. During the snippit, Moesha revealed that she is currently dating a married man who takes care of her and meets all her financial needs. She essentially living the sugar daddy lifestyle. This is nothing new and there are women out there that live this lifestyle.

However, where she lost a lot of people is when she blamed her need to do this on the Ghanaian economy. She further explained that in order to afford a place to stay and live a comfortable lifestyle, Ghanaian women must sleep with married men. Ummm excuse me, come again sis???...

There is one thing to speak your own truth about your own experience, and there is no denying that there are some women (around the world and not just within the African continent) that subscribe to her same lifestyle of dating married men, however for her to generalize to make it seem as if all Ghanaian women do this is completely out of line. There are many hard working Ghanaian women that make their own income to support themselves and their family, without relying on or sleeping with a man. She just made Ghanaian women and African women as a whole look so bad, and even worse, did so on an international news media platform smh.

I do respect her for speaking her truth about the kind of like she is living, I mean at the end of the day to each their own, however I feel the generalization that all Ghanaian women also live that life was unnecessary. Furthermore, it is also worth clarifying that women who live the 'sugar daddy' lifestyle, so do for different reasons. Where some might so it for survival, there are also those who do it solely for own personal financial gain, for financial security, for their desire not to work to take care of themselves, and even some that are pressured into it by family.

Ok so real talk, what are your thoughts on Moesha's comments and the idea of dating a married man?