April 21, 2018

Real Talk: Miss G on the Chatterbox Toronto Adult Talk Series

Happy Saturday Everyone!

This is a special edition of Real Talk featuring some adult talk on the Chatterbox Toronto. I recently had the pleasure to be invited to come on to the Chatterbox Toronto adult series YouTube show where I chatted with host Ashante on various relationship topic. We covered various topics such as cheating, how to not be too thirsty, returning gifts after a break-up and love in da club! Our discussions on these topics were very candid and hilarious LOL! You can catch me in episode 11 & 16 on Season of the series.

Press play and check them both out!...

Episode 11

Episode 16

So Real Talk, what are your views on the topics we discussed? Make sure to comment below and on the video to share share your thoughts.

Thanks so much Ashante for having me on your Chatterbox Toronto show! Was lots of fun and definitely looking forward to coming on again :)

To learn more about Ashante and her Chatterbox show, check out her out on Instagram and the Chatterbox YouTube Channel.