March 28, 2018

Features: MyStylemma


I have something new and exciting for y'all to check out! I just launched my new online platform MyStylemma (@mystylemma) on Instagram. With this platform, we want to help followers make decisions regarding their everyday style dilemmas. We have all been in situations where we were not sure what to wear for a certain occasion, or have also found ourselves struggling to decide between 2 different items to buy when shopping. Each each of these situations, didn't you wish you had someone else to give their opinion or advise on which item to choose? Well, at MyStyemma we do exactly that! Our Stylemmer following will vote on posted posted style dilemma to help you decide what to wear, what to buy, and how to style you look. All voting is done in our Instagram story polls.

So help us, help you! 

If you have a Stylemma that you want help resolving, simply DM us on Instagram or email us at, 2 pictures of your style dilemma options and our Stylemmer followers will vote to help you decide. Furthermore, you too can vote on other posed Stylemmas to help others resolve their style dilemma. In between posting follower Stylemmas, we will also share celebrity styles and current fashion trends to vote on and share your opinion on whether you are feelin' them or nah.

It's all about having fun helping yourself and helping others, while also learning about the latest fashion trends and hot fashion pieces/products to shop.

So please follow @mystylemma, share and send us your Stylemma's!!!

Check out some of our recent stylemmas...

So, what is your style dilemma?
Add @mystylemma on instagram and let Stylemmers help you decicide! #mystyemma

Remember to check our Instagram story each day to vote on posted Stylemmas!